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Cotton Handfasing Cord Weddin

Contemporary handmade

handfasting cords

~ Handmade cotton cords

~ Ten + different design choices

~ All can be customized with your colors

~ Option to add pendants

~ Beauty, quality and skilled craftsmanship

~ Worldwide shipping with UPS option

~ Vegan, sustainable, eco friendly

~ Great range of contemporary colors

~ Click any image to find out more


Braided handfasting ropes

12- strand Handfasting Cord

Our range of braided cords are available in lots of contemporary shades with the option of adding pendants at either end for added significance and personalization.

Custom Wedding Cord
Ivory Celtic Braid Wedding Cord
12 strand Handfasting Cord being used outdoors
ivory sage taupe
Treated Silk

Handwoven traditional

handfasting cords

This is a contemporary cotton version of the Irish "crios," the traditional handfasting cord of Celtic wedding custom. We work with you closely to match your wedding colors or find colors and pattern that represent your values or the symbolism you want to bring into the ceremony.  We have a large range of colors in stock and love to co-create something really meaningful for you both for your ceremony. 

 Ivory Wedding Cord for Handfasting.jpg
Handfasting Cord - Zen Green & Champayne
Cherry Blossom Handfasting Cord (9).JPG
Handfasting Cord- Crystal Waters.JPG
double heart handfasting Cord

Double heart

handfasting cords

This design of cord is a blending of two colors in a double heart shaped knot. One color representing each of the couples. A central strand of a different color runs the length of the cord. this is a favorite for customization, with each partner choosing a color.

Double Heart Knot
Treated Silk

Heart knot 

handfasting cords

We designed this Celtic heart knot into a really special handfasting cord with a super tactile softness and drape. It suits having the bride and groom face each other for the handfasting with the wonderful symbolism of the love between them facing the gathered family and friends.

Handfasting Cord with Celtic Heart KNot
Celtic Heart Knot- handfasting cord
Celtic Heart.-900.jpg
Celtic Heart Knot
Celtic Heart- Pim 1-900.jpg
infinity cords

DIY infinity knot cords

aka Unity Cords

Three slim cords, with the option of up to six different pendants comprise the DIY infinity knot cord set. The infinity knot is made by the celebrant at the ceremony. Colors often represent both partners and the binding force that holds them together. Pendants add an extra dimension of depth. 

Infinity knot
DIY  Infinity Knot
infinity with rings.1000.jpg
Treated Silk

Golden Hearts

handfasting cord

This Celtic golden hearts knot is a really special handfasting cord with a lovely knotwork detail on each side complimenting the center knot of two intertwining hearts. The metallic golden thread adds a touch of sparkle while staying soft and supple. There is the option also of golden colored pendants. 

Golden Hearts - Handfasting Cord
2hearts cord

2 Hearts


Two hearts combine in the center of this elegant knotwork cord, this time with both colors travelling the full length of the cord. Often the marrying couple will pick a color each for personalization of this cord. Click the image to find out more.

Handfasting Embracing Cords
Treated Silk


Elements Cords


Honoring of the four elements is an important aspect of many ancient traditions and it is a very popular inclusion in wedding ceremonies. It involves blessing with the four fundamental elements that underlie all of creation: air, fire, water and earth, symbolized by the colors yellow, red, blue and green. Click the image for more info. 

Trinity Braid Handfasting Cord

Trinity Braid



This cord is simple and elegant. The trinity represented is the marrying couple along with the third element that binds them together - God, Love, Universal Spirit, or their shared Soul destiny. The three cords plaited together represents the bringing together of these three elements to produce a cord stronger than each one strand is individually.

Treated Silk

Norse Handfasting Cords

This is a Norse inspired cord creation. There are two cords to choose from, or you may design your own by personalizing color and pendant choices.


Thor and Odin are represented, as are Yggdrasil and Vegvisir. Colors are inspired by Odin and the Viking world Tree.  


Golden Tie

Handfasting Cord

Golden Tie Handfasting Cord in Action

Pure White

8-Braid Cord

These two cords, the Golden Tie and the Pure White are slim and elegant designs. Golden Tie is Ivory with a subtle hint of metallic gold, and Purer White is simply white. 

Pure White 8 Braid Cord
Treated Silk

Custom Handbinding Cords


We have been making custom handfasting cords for some years now and love the reaction of the couple when something meaningful is expressed in their handfasting cord.

It is a creation made by them that will form a central part of their marriage ceremony, and can be very special.


See our Custom Page for more details

triskle pendant
tree of life pendant

Our Pendant Range

Here is a small sample of our large selection of pendants which are an optional addition to your cord. More can be seen at our Etsy shop. It is possible to add pendants to any of our designs. They are a nice personalization and add an extra touch of symbolism to your cord. They can be added to custom pieces or any of our ready designed handfasting cords. They are available in metal or natural stone and crystal.

Heart Shaped Stone Pendants for Handfasting
triquetra pendant
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